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Contact Sky Abseiling Services Ltd for your rope access cleaning and maintenance requirements. We provide competitive and safe solutions for your rope access requirements. With offices in Newcastle and Manchester, we travel the breadth of the country to fulfil clients maintenance on commercial and industrial buildings.
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Graeme Inspects our Kit Bags!

So How Often Should Your Gear Need To Be Inspected?  
Graeme Guidelines for Checking our Kit!

It goes without saying that the lives of rope technicians are in the hands of the equipment they use. Proper documentation and inspection of equipment is vital to insure the integrity of rope access systems.  Our kits are checked before the start and completion of every rope access job, but as part of our Safety Systems Protocol, a fully in-depth check of all our equipment is carried out and documented on a quarterly basis. Director & Equipment Inspector Graeme Olley takes us through his Pre-Job Checklist and also our Quarterly Equipment Inspection…..

Graeme gets ready for a pre-works inspection

Keeping fall protection equipment in tip-top shape is of critical importance to keeping safe. As a part of that process, regular inspections are essential to keeping an eye on our gear and allows us to take preemptive action. Pre-use equipment checks include:

Textile equipment:    
Visually checking for excessive wear to any part, abrasion, furry webbing, broken or abraded stitching, cuts.

Manually checking the fastening and adjustment buckles, ensure correct functioning.  Check for excessive wear, corrosion, cracks, or any other damage

Visually inspect for any wear, particularly on friction surfaces.  Also inspect for deformation, cuts, cracks, heavy marking, scoring,burring, corrosion or contamination by chemicals. 
Working ropes and safety ropes:   
Overall visual inspection for excess wear including burns, abrasions or any other deformity.

Visual check for wear, deformity, cracks, bends or excessive wear.

Check for cracks, deformation or other damage to the shell.  Also check for excessive wear to any part and ensure chin strap adjusts easily.

Graeme has pulled a rescue kit out of a Company Van, displaying a pre-use check.  Graeme checks that all required equipment is available for the works and visually checks to ensure it is fit for use.

Graeme’s 90 day full inspection…. 

Graeme is the designated Equipment Manager for the purpose of overseeing the care, storage, documentation, and replacement of equipment. A thoroughly detailed is inspection is carried out every 90 days;

  • Equipment is thoroughly inspected and results documented by the Equipment manager every 90 days.
  • All manufacturer’s instructions and lot identification tags are kept and checked to be present.
  • Equipment is marked so that it can be uniquely identified and cross checked with documentation.
  • Equipment usage is recorded with notes recording extreme or abnormal conditions of use.
  • We Immediately remove and replace any equipment with signs of deterioration or excessive wear, or if it has exceeded manufacturer’s recommended work life.
  • All our operators are under strict compliance in terms visually inspecting and documenting findings before and after each use. These records are all checked.



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